University of North Carolina at Greensboro Acceptable Use Policy


Before using any campus network resources, you must read and agree to UNCG's Acceptable Use Guidelines.

UNCG Acceptable Use Guidelines

Computer facilities at UNCG are provided for academic, non-commercial use by corporate, faculty, and staff.  These facilities include mainframe computer, servers, desktop computers, computer laboratories, local area networks, and the use of these facilities to connect to other sites via the Internet.

Rules for general conduct outlined in corporate, staff, and faculty handbooks apply to use of computer facilities.  As well, any use of UNCG's computer facilities for activities that are illegal or commercial is expressly forbidden.

For further information and detail regarding UNCG's network policies such as Network Security Regulations, E-Mail Regulations, and Copyright Law, please visit

I have reviewed the previous information, and I agree to abide by these policies regarding the use of Information Technology and UNCG.